Heather is an amazing teacher.  She is patient,

 extremely positive, and very thorough. 

 Most importantly she is FUN! She helped me

 stay in shape during my entire pregnancy....

 I felt more relaxed and centered. 

 Pilates with Heather is a great investment

 for your body and mind! 

 -Stacy Cadolini







"I'm not somebody who is into exercising,

but Heather makes it easy.  My body has totally

changed and now I book a much broader range

of work." 

                       -Thelma Thormarsdottir







 "As a woman with two grown children, I have always

 exercised regularly (cardio and weights) in a continuing effort

  to keep myself trim and healthy.  However, something always

 seemed to be missing and I finally realized it was Heather.

 She has raised my strength, energy and overall sense of

 well-being to a whole new level.  She is a talented trainer

 who is devoted to her clients.  I'd recommend her without

 reservation to anyone."

  -Carol Klein






Working with Heather is an integral part of

maintaining my active life style. The workouts are

challenging and very rewarding. Heather helps me

stay fit and limber without any stress to my joints.

I always look forward to the next session.

                                -Mary Jane Harris









 "As a single working mom, it is hard to find time to do

 anything, especially things for myself. When every minute

 counts, Heather makes it easy, and I feel that I get

 maximum results in minimal time."


 -Elisabet Davidsdottir








             "I can really be myself around Heather, and I

              feel much more alive after every session."

                                                -Sarah Irvine
















 Pilates has been a great thing to do as a couple! It's healthy

 competition, Sarah's body looks better and better, and I 

 sustain fewer injuries when I play basketball and I have 

 developed a better sense of balance when I surf!

  -Steve Soto