After many years as a professional dancer and Pilates trainer, I've developed my own core-based workout method that brings together the most effective elements of Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. When we workout together, I'll teach you how to think of your body differently. You'll learn to use your body in new ways, much like learning a new language.

Through a series of nuanced movements, I'll show you how to effectively utilize the smaller muscle groups that are often neglected in a typical fitness regimen. I've designed these subtle but powerful exercises to maximize your body’s full range of motion and make your workouts dramatically more effective. The result is deeper strength, greater flexibility, and fluidity of movement.

My approach to fitness has far reaching rewards. You can improve your posture and alignment as well as rehabilitate injuries and prevent new ones. In addition to enhancing other types of training and physical activities, you will most importantly achieve a longer leaner look.

My goal for every session is for you to leave feeling better about yourself and more connected to your body.